Update Subscription Service

Once you have purchased one of the products (within the last 12 months) that is listed below you can continue to get updates  by purchasing our update service.  The typical cost of the service is 40% of the current retail price of our product.  In the case of a multi-product bundle, the price of the update service will be at the product's price not the discounted bundle price.

If purchased the the product over a year ago, and purchase the new version at the list price we will provide you with 18 months of the update service.

You will be guaranteed at least one update of the product within the term of the agreement.  For example, if you purchased our Disaster Recovery Template 11 months  ago, you can get a current version of that document at a significant discount plus within the term you will get at least one update.

The standard term is for 12 months from the date of the transaction and is renewable.  If you purchase the update service at the same time as one of the products listed below your update service will be for 18 months.  To see what the current version is move your mouse over the product cover page.

Order Update Service Subscription

If you do not see a particular product on the list send us an e-mail and we should be able to respond to you quickly. Send the e-mail to the Janco Update Department .