Metrics for the Internet, Information Technology

Over 540 Objective Metrics Defined -- 83 Graphical Metric Reports show over 240 metrics

Compliant with ITIL - ISO 20000 IT Service Management

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KPI Metrics What metrics does your company use? How does the organization determine whether or not to give the green light to an IT project? Regardless of whether you use ROI, IRR, TCO, NPV, or some other acronym or weighty financial concept, the whole discussion boils down to one question during this donturn: “What solution will have the most positive impact on the bottom line of the company in the shortest period of time?”

The Metrics for the Internet, Information Technology and Service Management HandiGuide® is over 300 pages, defines 540 objective metrics, and contains 83 metric reports that show over 240 objective metrics.

The metrics cover all areas of the Internet, Information Technology, and Service Management -- including WIRELESS metrics.  In addition, there are industry specific examples for financial services, distribution, manufacturing, education, entertainment, government, hospitality, insurance, medical, real estate and retail. 

  • Organizational responsibilities defined
  • Metric process, design, and definition of 540 specific objective metrics
  • 83 sample metric reports - includes over 240 of 540 objective metrics
  • Graphic data presentation rules
  • A full metric report package is defined - a template you can use right away
  • Wireless metrics examples are featured
  • Updated to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley

Sample Metrics Reports in Graphic Format

Tracking AbendsTracking system response times

Tracking e-commerce activityTracking IT expenses
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Order KPI Metrics Template Download KPI Metrics Sample