CIO IT Job Opportunities Persist, Despite Weak Overall Market

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Janco disagrees with an analysis that was released by Foote Partners

IT Job Opportunities Persist, Despite Weak Overall Market - While the unemployment rate in the United States remains stubbornly high and the population becomes increasingly frustrated with the lack of job opportunities month of August saw no gains in the job market and there was a rise in "discouraged workers"--professionals in the IT space fared better, with 13,700 more jobs added in the technical services segment, the largest monthly increase since April 2011.

This is in sharp contrast to the actual jobs data and analysis by Janco Associates,Inc. The CEO of Janco, M V. Janulaitis said, "The management and technical consulting services category is not just IT and thus is not a valid metric for the IT job market." He added, "...according to the definition of the BLS that group includes accountants, attorneys and other professionals."

"The trend of employers no longer wishing to employ large numbers of their own full-timers in what are mostly pure technology IT jobs has been building steam over a very long period of time," said an IT analyst firm Foote Partners that publishes national labor trend research. "It's not something that just began with the popularity of cloud computing, managed services and this new wave of domestic outsourcing, although certainly the widespread acceptance these alternatives sources for skills has been a big factor in the acceleration of what we've been witnessing in the federal employment reports over the past several months."

Meanwhile 47,300 jobs were lost in the two other IT-related jobs segments, telecommunications and data processing, hosting and related services, which the Foote report called an aberration caused by a labor strike in the telecommunications industry that removed 45,000 worker from company payrolls during the August survey reference period. This is in contrast to an average monthly loss of 2,483 jobs in these segments in the prior six months (2,708 monthly losses over prior 12 months).

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