High Paying Jobs Outsourced

Janco and eJobDescription.com has validated that high pay IT jobs are being outsourced

High Paying Jobs Outsourced - Janco and eJobDescription.com have  confirmed that high pay jobs within the IT function are targeted as those which are most often targeted for outsourcing when companies outsource - especially when then outsource outside of the United States.   This information was captured during the data capture and interview process of the semi-annual IT Salary Survey and a review of the materials contained within the "Practical Guide for IT Outsourcing".


According to firms that outsource and/or off-shored IT operations, Janco found that many high-wage, high-skill jobs that were once thought to be immune to outsourcing are now being outsourced.  Over 25 percent of these enterprises reported high-skill IT jobs are being sent overseas to third parties

In Janco's 2008 IT Salary Survey they found the mean compensation for CIOs in large enterprises now is $181,240 and $171,200 for CIOs in mid-sized enterprises.

CIO Compensation

  • The mean compensation (which includes bonuses) for all executive IT positions surveyed now is $143,847 in large enterprises and $128,730 in mid-sized enterprises. (Large enterprises have over $500 million in revenue and mid-sized have are $100 to $499 million in revenue).
  • Hiring demand has increased for executives (especially in mid-sized enterprises).
  • In the last twelve (12) months the greatest increases in compensation were at the executive levels of large enterprises.
  • CSOs (Chief Security Officers) executives are in high demand in large as well as line IT executive management in enterprises of all sizes.
  • The mean compensation for Chief Information Officers (CIOs) in mid-size enterprises has decreased with a significant increase in demand.  This typically means that enterprises feel their existing CIO are not worth what they are being paid and they are willing to hire new CIOs at significantly higher levels of compensation that will be worth the additional cost.
  • The positions in the highest demand are at the executive levels of mid-size enterprises with the focus continuing to be line operations and mandated security requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and PCI.
  • Mid-sized enterprises are searching for Network Control Analysts, Systems Programmers, Production Control Analysts, Change Control Analysts, and Web Analysts.
  • In mid-sized enterprises the mean total compensation has moved risen slightly from $75,076 to $75,362.  At the same time in large enterprises the median compensation has also moved up from $80,078 to $81,631.
  • Baby boomers’ are now starting to retire.
  • The new target top compensation CIOs now is over $2,000,000 a year (data source SEC filings of public corporations) continues to increase.

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