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eJobDescription.com - Payment Information - All purchases and payments are made via the Janco Associates, Inc. shopping cart.

Checks and Wire Transfers  Visa MasterCard American Express

Federal Tax ID:  91-2080545

Janco Associates
Accounting Department
Duck Hook Drive
Park City, UT 84060

Phone: 435 940-9300

Wire Transfer Routing You should add $50.00 US for the Wire Transfer fee. Please send an e-mail that you have sent the funds and once we confirm receipt we will e-mail the document.

  • U.S. Bank
  • 15 W. South Temple
  • Suite 200
  • Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
  • ABA Routing Number / Account Number / Account name Contact us for the routing number via Contact Janco Associates

Checks are accepted and do not have a processing fee associated with  them.  Orders that are entered as Purchase Orders and paid by check will have the Purchase Order processing fee added.  To ease processing customers should enter their orders into our system selecting the payment method as check and or provide an e-mail address and documentation on the product ordered.

Purchase Orders are accepted for US and Canadian governmental and educational bodies and for prior US and Canadian customers.  All Purchase Orders must be on company letterhead and signed.  Please add processing fee of $50.00 plus Sales Tax for all Purchase Orders.  Payment Terms are net 10 days a 10% late charge will be added for all POs not paid within that time.

All Purchase Orders MUST contain an e-mail address and customers should enter their order in the system specifying the payment method as PO.  If a customer does not do this then we will manually enter the order into our system using the e-mail address provided and assign a log on password of our choosing for downloading the products ordered.  The email address we use will get copies as if they entered the order themselves.

Foreign Orders Most of our products are sold and shipped electronically.  There is no surcharge for electronic delivery outside of the US.  Physical shipments outside of the US are charged a surcharge of at least $50.00 US and are handled the one of the two following ways.

  • We charge the customer's credit card a surcharge based on the actual shipping charges, or

  • The customer provides us with FedEx account number that we can charge the shipping to. (We do need to have the ability to do a TRACE / and have a delivery confirmation). 

  • All payments are in US dollars and the customer pays all taxes and custom fees due.