Metrics, Service Level Agreement (SLA), and Outsourcing
Job Descriptions


Metrics SLA Outsourcing Job Descriptions

Metrics, Service Level Agreement (SLA) & Outsourcing Job Descriptions

IT organizations turn to outsourcing in order to reduce costs, to offload application maintenance, offload help desk operations, or obtain expertise. The typical outsourcing engagement  is governed by a contract setting the terms and conditions between the client and outsourcer for the duration of their relationship. To measure whether that relationship is working, and how well, Service Level Agreements are established.

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a critical component of any outsourcing project. It defines the boundaries of the project in terms of the functions and services that the service provider will give to its client, the volume of work that will be accepted and delivered, and acceptance criteria for responsiveness and the quality of deliverables.

At the heart of an effective SLA are performance metrics and they are driven by key members of the IT staff.  The tasks associated with that are included in the job descriptions in this bundle.

  • VP Administration
  • VP Strategy and Architecture
  • Director IT Management and Control
  • Manager Contracts and Pricing
  • Manager Controller
  • Manager Metrics
  • Manager Outsourcing
  • Manager Service Level Reporting
  • Metrics Measurement Analyst
  • Quality Measurement Analyst
  • System Administrator Unix
  • System Administrator Windows

Several preset bundles are listed below:


order    E-Commerce, Wireless, & Internet Management Job Description Bundle

E-commerce, wireless and Internet activities now take up over 50% of the focus of the IT function.  There are new positions and new responsibilities for existing positions.  The need to have up-to-date job descriptions is required to meet the objectives of both industry standards and mandated requirements.

The 21 job descriptions in the e-Commerce, wireless, and Internet job descriptions bundle have been developed to meet those needs.  Each job description has been reviewed with PCI-DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and ISO in mind.  Industry experts agree that these job descriptions are the most comprehensive ones available today.  In addition to being practical and easy to use, they meet the needs of industry standards and requirements.

  • Director Electronic Commerce
  • e-Commerce Specialist
  • Internet-Intranet Administrator
  • Manager Internet - Intranet Activities
  • Manager Internet Systems
  • Manager Point of Sale
  • Manager Record Administration
  • Manager Transaction Processing
  • Manager Video and Website Content
  • Manager Web Content
  • Manager Wireless Systems
  • On-Line Transaction Processing Analyst
  • PCI-DSS Administrator
  • PCI-DSS Coordinator
  • POS Coordinator
  • POS Hardware Coordinator
  • POS Senior Coordinator
  • Record Management Coordinator
  • System Administrator - Unix
  • System Administrator - Windows
  • Web Analyst
  • Web Site Designer
  • Webmaster
  • Wireless Coordinator

Enterprise Architecture has become a common practice for large IT organizations. For the first time there is a methodology to encompass all of the various IT aspects and processes into a single practice. However, realizing the full potential of enterprise architecture can be challenging. There are many aspects to enterprise architecture, including architecture planning, governance, taxonomies and ontologies, all of which impact its success. Without the right guidance, tools, frameworks and methodologies EA can quickly become unwieldy.

To support enterprise architecture many of the key positions have to assume new roles and responsibilities.  The 17 job descriptions below have been modified to reflect these new requirements are are a must for any enterprise that is moving in direction of enterprise architecture. 

The enterprise architecture job descriptions included in this bundle are:

  • Vice President Strategy and Architecture
  • Chief Information Officer- CIO
  • Chief Information Officer – Small Enterprise - CIO
  • Chief Compliance Officer - CCO
  • Chief Security Officer - CSO
  • Chief Technology Officer - CTO
  • Manager Change Control
  • Manager Competitive Intelligence
  • Manager Database
  • Manager Enterprise Architecture
  • Manager Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
  • Manager Video and Website Content
  • Project Manager Enterprise Architecture
  • Capacity Planning Supervisor
  • Change Control Supervisor
  • Cloud Computing Architect
  • Database Administrator
  • Enterprise Architect
  • PCI-DSS Coordinator