Janco AssociatesMicrosoft Faces Hard Times with IE and Vista Market Share Issues

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IE and Vista Market Share Issues Plague Microsoft

Microsoft Faces Hard Times with IE and Vista Market Share Issues - Janco and the IT Productivity Center have just released its Browser and Operating System Market Share White Paper.  The major findings are that in the last 12 months Microsoft’s browser market share has continued to erode;  Firefox has maintained its number 2 browser position and now is used by almost 16% of all users; Google Desktop is gaining market share; and Netscape is now in a death spiral as users abandon it.  New in this white paper are recommendations on which browsers to use and not use.  A summary of Janco’s browser market share data can be found on Janco’s web site (https://www.e-janco.com/browser.htm.  In addition the full white paper with excel spread sheets can be purchased at the three web site sites for $249.

The top five browser market share rankings are: 1 - Microsoft’s IE – 66.96%; 2 - Firefox – 15.87%; 3 – Netscape – 8.97%; 4 – Google Desktop – 3.00%; 5 – Mozilla – 1.40%.  The CEO of Janco Associates, Inc and the ITPC, M. Victor Janulaitis said: “The positive glow on Firefox was dulled in with the identification of some security gaps in Firefox.  But the real story is the continued erosion of Microsoft’s market share.” 

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