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    Covid-19 Drives Unemployment Rate to 14.9%

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    Covid Kills US Labor Market

    COVID-19 shut began its impact on the overall unemployment rate with jump up 0.9% to 4.4% and a loss of over 700,000 jobs at the start of the shutdown. Then in April the unemployment rate skyrocketed to to 14.7%

    US employment Rate

    High unemployment States

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    Top 10 Resume Mistakes - Best Practices to follow

    Top 10 Best Practices for Resumes

    Resume Best PracticesTop 10 resume best practices

    1. Keep the resume short-  2 pages or less.
    2. Design for best first impression
    3. Structure resume in outline format - Bullets, limited bold text, and a summary at the top are key directions to take.
    4. Spell Check
    5. Resume grammaticly correct - Do not user complex sentences and avoid starting with prepositions.
    6. Resume shouldt agree with your "social profile"
    7. Do not include a photo - Do not include anything that shows your age, race, or appearance. 
    8. Resume should be 100% accurate
    9. Customizse resume - A at least have a custom cover letter that address the "specific" job or company that you are sending the resume to.
    10. Follow up

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    COVID-19 Impact on hiring of IT Pros

    IT Hiring Kit IT Pros job prospects remain high 

    Janco Associates analyized the effect of COVID-19 on hiring plans over the coming months. It expects recruitment for some key senior roles to be put on hold for now, because of the difficulty of meeting face to face, while in the short term hiring of contractors and consultants has soared. Janco sees demand for middle managers staying strong for the next three months or so before taking a dip, with demand for IT staff at all levels returning in 6 to 12 months.

    CIO Hiring Plans for the remainder of 2020

    Hiring managers seem to have sensed sooner than government that something wicked was coming this way, though: In the first quarter of 2020, Janco found more than 243,053 IT job postings listed working from home as an option or a requirement, up from just 86,171 a year earlier.

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    Before Coronavirus US Job Market was Hot

    39 States were at full employment before coronavirus

    In January 2020 the US job market was hot.  The number of states at full employment moved upto 39 from 38 in the prior month. What will be interesting to see is what will happen to the unemployment rate due to lost jobs the later half of the first quarter and second quarter of 2020.  We bet that will not be a rosey picture.

    Full Employment States

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    IT Job market continues to expand

    Over 100,000 net new IT jobs will be created in 2020

    The IT Job Market now is over 3.65 million individuals in the US.  In 2011 that same job market was 2.85 million.  That is over 800,000 new IT jobs in less that nine years.

    That growth is driving up salaries, which grew by 4.9% last year.

    Mean IT salaries

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    Top 10 Ways to Verify Resume Information

    Hire the best and avoid the rest

    Top 10 Ways Companies Verify Resume Information have been identified by Janco as part of its annual IT Salary Survey data collection process. They are:

    1. Checking References
    2. Evaluating candidate's social media persona
    3. Evaluating candidates during the interview process
    4. Checking Employers/Schools listed on resumes
    5. Conducting Generic Internet Search
    6. Checking Public Records
    7. Asking specific questions of candidates
    8. Probational hiring
    9. Samples of candidates' work
    10. Tests during the hiring process

    Verifiy Resume Infomation

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    Top 10 paid IT Positions

    2020 IT Salary Survey Identified the Top 10 portions within IT - All are executive or middle management

    2020 IT Salary is released with some interesting findings. The survey identifies the positions that have the highest levels of compensation. Those positions are:

      1. VP Chief Information Officer -CIO
        SMB - $186K Large -$220K
      2. VP Security - CSO
        SMB - $145K Large - $182K
      3. VP Information Services
        SMB - $149K Large - $174K
      4. Director Systems & Programming
        SMB -$149K Large -$173K
      5. VP Technical Services
        SMB - $117K Large $172K
      6. VP Consulting Services
        SMB - $157K Large $165K
      7. Director Production/Data Center
        SMB $127K Large $164K
      8. Director IT Planning
        SMB $114K Large $151K
      9. VP Administration
        SMB $130K Large $136K
      10. Manager Computer Operations
        SMB $105K Large $128K

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    Tenure of CIO

    Tenure of CIOs is impacted by booming economy

    Tenure of CIO is now 4 years and 6 months. 

    CIO Tenure

    The primary driver was that 19% of all CIOs had a tenure of 12 months or less. At the same time last year, the same 12 months or less group was 15%. In addition, 28% of all CIOs have held their positions for 24 months or less versus 40% in January 2019.

    We have found that between the 24 months and 36 month tenure period a number of CIO leave because the opportunity they were looking for was not there. Also, a number of the CIOs did not meet the expectations of the C-Level management team.

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    35 U.S. States are at Full Employment

    35 Full Employment States Identified by Janco

    Several states have very low unemployment rates. In September there were 35 states that we considered high unemployment states.

    Full Employment States

    Employment picture continues to improve for most states as 35 U.S. States are at full employment levels.  Full employment levels are defined by Janco Associates and the BLS as having unemployment levels of 4% or less.

    Only three states including the District of Columbia have high unemployment levels.  They are Alaska (6.2%), Mississippi (5.5%), and DC (5.4%).

    High unemployment states October 2019

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    Data Protection Office Job Description Updated

    Data Protection Officer Job Description Updated to Address BREXIT

    Data Protection Officer Job Description updated to meet the requirments of the UK's GDPR for when BREXIT occurs. With Brexit looking likely to take place in the near-term, we have updated the position requirments for the DPO.  Thus , enabling you to prepare for a deal or no-deal Brexit.

    The changes addess all of the issues associated with BREXIT.  If there is no-deal the ramifications are immediated.  If there is a deal then there will be a two adjustment period.  In either case the DPO will be a key player in how an enterprise deals with the mandates of both GDPRs.

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